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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 resolution not supported. Please fix this and you get 5 star's.

Good game, greedy devs

I dont know about other players , but when i pay for i game, i expect there to be a possibility to win WITHOUT inn app purchases! Or else whats the point of paying for the game? Why not just make it another freemium game? Wish devs would make an honnest winnable game!


It was good but only for a while then got bored.

No walkthroughs

Only walkthroughs are for the ww2 version. Where can I find walkthroughs for this app?


Lg g3


Locks up randomly even though running perfectly fine and with decent framerate beforehand.

Good game

The game itself is good. But all of these ads really kill it. Ads in a paid app are seriously ridiculous. Shame on you and your mothers for raising such jerkoffs.


If you like losing every single time this is your game! Nevermind the fact they charge you for a game, then expedt even more money to get any joy out of it. Cash grab game+sheer greed=epic fail


Just an in app purchase scam. The creator says you can beat levels without them, and while that's possibly true, there is no margin of error on the second level in, super lame. Don't waste your time or money on this

It hurts.

Nice job on difficulty. Good game all a round. Reminds me of throwing my Nintendo controler at the tv when "Hard" ment "fits of seathing rage will consume your soul as the game laughs at you"

Very challenging!!!

Thevgame is great, good challenge maybe even a bit hard for beginners but great in general...

In app purchases for a paid game?

I give the game play a solid 4 stars. It's fun. But I deduct 2 stars for including in app purchases on a game that you have to pay for, that's just not right.

Very good strategy game

the only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because of the in game ad. I mean, it's a paid game.. Except that it's one of the best strategy games out there!

Wish there was a navy and more

A great game but please add naval units in addition to being able to purchase units without restriction. Otherwise a really good game.


I like that the game holds a challenge that test my mind to overcome. It keeps me from getting bored when I'm in the sleeper of my semi.

Great game guys

I love the game. Would it be able to add like war senarios from ww1 or even a modern war?

Time limit...

Get rid of the time limit, everytime there's one guy left it says "battle lost" wtf? Thats freaking stupid... Get rid of the time limit....


...I hate this games at times when I can't pass a level but none the less a fun game

In App Purchases, In App advertisements, plus more!

This game has its moments of fun, if you can force yourself through the rest of its problems. After you pay, you get to enjoy an in game advertisement at start up. Not only that, but you can get "reinforcements" by paying for them. This is the first game I've seen where you have to pay to play, get advertisements, and have to make in game purchases to win. There is literally a level where you lose the first turn unless you purchase reinforcements. Get real. I see that the developers comment every time someone complains about the in app purchases, saying they are there to make it easier, but in some cases, they are there just to make the game winnable. Also, it freezes up about every minute. The freezes last anywhere from 15 seconds to 2 minutes. If it happens to freeze while the AI is doing their turn, you might as well just restart your phone. What a joke; I won't buy anything from these developers ever again.

It's Alright

Could be a lot better. There needs to be some kind of UI change.


I just bought this game and was looking forward to playing. After it installed, it won't even load. I'll rank it appropriately if you will fix this problem.

An amazingly stunning game!

I would give 5 stars buuuut there are ads on a played version? A bit upsetting. : (

Game is fun, but it freezes then crashes constantly on my Galaxy S3. Reinstalling did not help.

Lg g3

Is not supported...

Can't play on my phone says my resolution isn't support. Dang.


Ads in a paid app, horrible controls, and shallow "strategy." Garbage game.

LG g3

Not supported. Would like to think that's something important enough to add some where. And now I read the reviews, haha.

This game sucks

I really hate this game and I paid money for it. Don't waste your time even if you get the free version it's just really a horrible game.

Lags bad

Have a samsung tablet and the game lags so bad it makes it very frustrating to play please fix

Love it....

I'm a history lover and would like to see the ability to force shore landings, potential Naval (ww2) gun support and maybe movement of infantry by Naval or aircraft / glider attack....Still 5 stars but would be slightly better to have all the real options of engagement available. Thanks guys (and ladies) for a excellent military chess game. Please keep up the great job and think about Naval gun support. Ps: Bobby Dome, you do not have to pay to win... I have won every campaign and never paid a dime.

A great game that makes me wanna checkout other titles by this Dev. But the adds put me off wanting to purchase anymore. Please remove them. Its like preaching to the choir really. Pointless

Unsupported resolution

Doesnt support 1440p

Resolution not supported

I have a G3 and it says my resolution is not supported and closes.


Ads in paid game...


I was disappointed with the game the strategy is already laid out for you to do and you have to specificly use the strategy to win this isn't a strategy game at that point I'm not going to install anymore of your game like this again


It is very hard because your on a turn limit I think that there shouldn't be turn limit makes it to difficult

Step backwards

Current update includes multiple ads in a purchased game, game consistently crashes once battles are won, and game freezes regularly. No longer recommended.

Very disappointed by no new skirmish maps

The game play I love most is skirmish mode. To me being able to take my time and conquer the large maps like decline of the west at my own pace and in my own varying strategies is what holds the most replay value in your games. When I purchased ussr I was excited to get new large scale skirmish maps like fighting to conquer Russia or north America. I was very disappointed to see that all the skirmish maps are the same as the ww2 version. Breaks my heart to give a bad review because these games are great.

Love the alternate history aspect

This is an awesome app however in comparison to the original it constantly freezes which makes it unable to play. I believe the original was fixed, if you can do what you did for the original here that'd be great!


i did only play it for about 30mins but i didnt understand what to do?

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